Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Glory of Easter

This is the day of the Lord’s resurrection
What a wonderful day indeed!
Jesus our Lord in sinless perfection
Paid for my sinful deeds.

Jesus Christ, so pure within,
The Author of all creation,
Enclosed Himself in human skin
Providing a path to salvation.

He spoke the Word of Truth to all
As He shared the eternal plan.
Man was condemned by Adam’s fall,
Lost before life began.

He showed how the sacrifice past
With blood sprinkled by man’s hand
Was a symbol wholly surpassed
By His death as our Passover lamb.

Satan knew the capacity of man;
Just how God’s presence could thrill him.
He knew that Jesus was God’s plan.
He was sure he needed to kill him.

We all know the terrible truth:
Perfection was rejected.
Beaten and mocked by men uncouth,
He was nailed to a cross erected.

But Jesus altered our destiny
As he hung there on the cross.
What Satan thought was victory
Became his eternal loss.

Jesus died and the people wept
As they placed him in the grave.
But death soon learned He couldn’t be kept;
He came forth from the tomb to save.

Jesus told us He would die
And arise on the third day.
This is a very strong reason why
You should trust Him as Savior today.

Each of us choose heaven or hell
To be our eternal abode.
To sin’s dark plans you must say “farewell”
And choose the upward road.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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