Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saul's Sad Ending

1 Samuel 28, 31

While Saul was hunting David down time was passing by.
Meanwhile Samuel approached the day that he would surely die.
Saul had listened to Samuel, had driven the mediums away,
(Mediums are the tool of Satan to lead the people astray).

When Samuel died the nation mourned remembering him with love.
But Saul, who turned his back on God, lacked wisdom from above.
The Philistines gathered to attack and his spirit melted in fear.
He told his staff to find a medium to which he could draw near.

Saul disguised himself at night and went to the witch at En Dor.
He desired of her to call up Samuel whom he would implore.
They saw Samuel suddenly appear; his face was bearing a frown.
Saul bowed down in humility, his face toward the ground.

God has forbidden necromancy. The dead cannot come back.
He allowed this one occasion to illustrate this fact.
The witch, completely surprised and scared, cried out loud to all,
“Why have you deceived me? For surely you are King Saul.”

Samuel’s message to the king was short and to the point.
“You disobeyed provoking God to find a new king to anoint.
The Philistines will take this nation of which you’ve been the head.
Tomorrow you will be defeated. You and your sons will be dead.”

The battle was joined and Israel fled before the Philistine soldiers.
Jonathan and brothers were killed that day. Saul could see it was over.
Wounded and dying Saul requested not to be killed by the horde,
So his assistant slew him there. Then he too fell on his sword.

So Saul, his sons, his bodyguards—the Philistines found them dead.
They stripped him of his armor and then they cut off his head.
Saul, who had a great beginning, closed his life in shame.
There is literally nothing about him that we desire to claim.

How will you finish your life? To whom do you belong?
This should be our ultimate goal: to finish spiritually strong.
We have this life to honor our Lord, to prepare for heaven above,
So let us serve to the very last day the One we have come to love.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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