Monday, November 2, 2009

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Revelation 2, 3

God gave a word to each congregation of seven key churches in Revelation.
Each of these churches set the stage for explaining conditions in their age.
First we see the earliest days when the Spirit set their hearts ablaze.
When Ephesus began to lose her first love, God sent a warning from above.

Next is Smyrna where some were slain; many endured persecution’s pain.
In spite of poverty and affliction they displayed the depth of their conviction.
Though oppressed under Satan’s thumb, the Lord gave them courage to overcome.
This was His promise during the test: “You will not see the second death.”

The believers who called Pergamum home lived next door to Satan’s throne.
There in the midst of Satan’s threats Antipas was faithful even to death.
But there were some who hindered salvation by showing Balam toleration.
If a pure life you want to feature, stop giving credence to the false teacher.

Thyatira showed good deeds and faith but also false teaching to erase.
Jesus called out Jezebel, said he was sending her straight to hell;
Said he had given her time to repent, to reflect upon how her life was spent.
Then He said unto the rest, “Reject her teaching and pass the test.”

Sardis too received a strong word, the strongest they had ever heard.
He told them that their reputation did not match their situation.
There were a few unsoiled by sin, whose lives were pure without and within.
Only a few who shone like a light, whose names were found in the Book of Life.

Philadelphia was given an open door. Because they won souls, He gave them more.
Even though their strength was small they succeeded because they gave their all.
This is the church whose sole ambition was to fulfill their earthly mission.
When before Him on bended knee, I hope these words can be said about me.

Finally we come to Laodicee. It’s not the church where anyone should be.
Materially rich but spiritually poor; they’re not impressive and not mature.
Their hearts were neither hot nor cold; no spiritual fruit was there to behold.
Jesus had wisdom to impart if only they’d open the door of their heart.

This is a summary of the churched whose faith was tested and character besmirched.
For some there was a good report. For others, it’s clear: their lives fell short.
So here’s the message we should see: let us strive to be all we can be.
Let us serve the Lord in humility and grace pursuing His will, seeking His face.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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