Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lord’s Soon Return

We turn to the Bible so we can learn what we should know about Christ’s return.
We see appeals for men to repent before the time when judgment is sent.
We see the account of that glorious day when the Lord’s church is caught away,
But woe to those who reject the truth, for unrestrained evil is on the loose.

To the believer these facts are well known. We anticipate a flight to our heavenly home.
We see world conditions ascending within that will enable the rise of the man of sin.
Knowing how soon we may depart, we plead with our loved ones to give Him their heart.
There will be no warning; no time to get right, for the call will be sudden, like a thief in the night.

After the rapture those left behind will succumb to evil their spiritual eyes blind.
With the restraining power of the Spirit removed all forms of evil will be approved.
Drugs will be sought and morality despised; all forms of wickedness will arise.
The chaos that follows creates the condition for one-world rule by the Son of Perdition.

The antichrist requires the whole world’s worship and offers a mark to make it worth it.
This mark must be taken to buy or sell. Those who receive it are guaranteed hell.
But even as this mark is revealed, 144,000 evangelists are sealed,
Who call for Israel and all who will hear it to be faithful to death and not to fear it.

Millions will join their faithful band and suffer death at the antichrist’s hand.
They awake in heaven and abide with the Lord soon to receive their eternal reward.
On earth the pain and judgments increase warning the world from greatest to least
That God’s patience is over, He’s sending His son. The end of the end has now begun.

The final event unfolds from on high as the world clearly sees activity in the sky.
The antichrist marshals the world’s armed forces to battle the army on white horses.
There they assemble in Megiddo’s bowl, the final stand of arrogant souls.
At Megiddo they die at the hand of the Lord. No longer can His word be ignored.

The beast and false prophet will then acquire their eternal home in the Lake of Fire.
But that is not the end of it. The devil is bound and thrown in the pit.
For a thousand years Jesus will reign. A kingdom of perfection He will sustain.
And after that there’s still more to come, for eternity will have just begun.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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