Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Destructive Power of Greed

Ahab and Jezebel--1 Kings 21
King Ahab said to Naboth, I like your vineyard a lot.
Located near my palace, it will serve as a vegetable plot.
I’m gonna have it, so name your price. I’ll buy it on the spot.
But Naboth replied, “I cannot sell it, not even for a lot.”

“I inherited this land from my father. It’s forbidden for me to sell.
I have to be faithful to my God and respectful to you as well.”
Naboth spoke these words to the king in a voice respectful and mild,
But Ahab stomped towards his home to pout like a spoiled child.

Jezebel came into Ahab’s room, said “Why won’t you eat your food?”
“Naboth won’t sell his crummy little vineyard. It put me in a bad mood.”
So Jezebel said, “Just leave it to me. I can handle that louse.
In no time at all you’ll have that vineyard located by your house.”

Jezebel wrote to Naboth’s elders: “I want you to put him on trial.
Find two men to say he blasphemes and anything else that’s vile.
Use their words to frame him; then take him outside the walls.
Call for the people to throw stones at him until his body falls.”

The Word of the Lord came to Elijah, “Naboth, my servant is dead.
He was framed by wicked Jezebel because Ahab wanted his spread.
Go and say to Ahab the King, ‘Against the Lord you have sinned.
Now He is pronouncing sentence on you, a verdict He will not rescind.

Soon Ahab, your life will be over. Judgment will come like a flood.
Right where it happened to Naboth, the dogs will lick up your blood.
And listen closely, Ahab, because I haven’t told it all:
The dogs will devour Jezebel just outside Jezreel’s wall.’”

There never was a royal couple guilty of so much evil.
Ahab and Queen Jezebel set the record for greed and upheaval.
It’s hard to tell a story like this; their actions cannot be defended.
Sadly, just as the Bible describes, their wicked lives were ended.

Some folks criticize our God for recording accounts so gruesome,
But what other way can history record the wickedness of this twosome.
The power of sin brings pain to all. Satan seeks to enslave our soul.
But thanks to Jesus, who died for us, our life can be made whole.

It’s not enough to know about God. That knowledge will not save you.
Nor is it sufficient to live without God because the devil sorely craves you.
So give your life to Christ today. He paid the price of your sin.
He gives new life, new hope, new goals and takes you to heaven with Him.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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