Friday, November 27, 2009

Don’t Forget God’s Power

1 Kings 18:41 – 19:18

After the events on Carmel that day when all the false prophets were slain,
Elijah got on his face before God and asked Him to send the rain.
The sky grew black with heavy clouds; rain fell from a heavenly fountain.
Elijah ran faster than Ahab’s chariot racing down the mountain.

Now Ahab was a mouse of a king married to a very strong queen.
He reported to Jezebel Elijah’s taunts and all that he had seen.
Jezebel was hostile, filled with fury. She sent a message to Eli:
“I’m coming for you, you miserable prophet. This time tomorrow you die.”

Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. Far into the wilderness he went.
He came to a tree and stopped to pray, his energy and confidence spent.
“Oh God,” he said, “I’ve had enough. Would you just let me die?
I’m no better than my failing forefathers. Oh God hear my cry.”

He lay down and fell asleep, was awakened by a strange touch.
The angel of the Lord was there to feed him just enough.
Then he awoke a second time, was strengthened for the flight.
He continued his journey to Mount Horeb forty days and forty nights.

When he arrived at the Mount of God, he took shelter in a cave.
He knew he should not have run away afraid of an early grave.
He had forgotten the mighty power of God as though He could not save.
So he lay there alone wallowing in pity, making excuses that day.

“I have been zealous for you, O God. There’s no prophet left but me.”
God whispered back, “No, Elijah. There’s a fact I want you to see:
There’s seven thousand in the land who have not bowed to Baal.
Now go forth and find Elisha; He will join you on the trail.”

This was not the end of Elijah. It’s an important fact to know.
God is the God of the second chance. Through our failures we can grow.
There were years of ministry to train Elisha, a very competent guy.
Then God swooped down with a heavenly chariot, took Elijah up through the skies.

Here are some truths we should not forget. Hold them dear to your heart.
God, who calls His servant to each task, will be with him when trouble starts.
I’m like Elijah. I’ve left too early, fulfilled only part of my mission.
I have forgotten God’s great power when faced with opposition.

Whatever years and opportunities are left, I have but one main goal:
To serve the Lord with all my heart, His name and greatness extol.
Whatever stage in life you are in, it’s time to make a fresh start.
Admit past mistakes and failures in life. Give God the whole of your heart.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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