Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God’s Transforming Power to All who Believe

“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be
conformed to the likeness of his Son” Romans 8:29

It started with Adam—the horror of sin—cost innocent blood to change him within.
Abel was the second son born. Because of Cain’s sin, his life was torn.
Enoch preached of judgment to come. All families perished except for one.
They taunted Noah, that out of touch dud, but it was he who rested above the flood.

Abram began as a man of haste in time became a hero of faith.
Jacob was known for disgraceful deception; God changed him into a man of direction.
Moses fled from Pharaoh in disgrace. God sent him back to speak face to face.
Rahab was once a woman of shame, but the scarlet cord removed the blame.

Sampson, too long a mighty sinner, left this life a victorious winner.
Daniel served God as a faithful youth; then reaped a lifetime of honor and truth.
Daniel’s three friends incurred the king’s ire. In the moment of truth found Christ in the fire.

Once a demoniac, the Gadarene, proclaimed the power of the Nazarene.
Lazarus, whose sisters placed Christ at their head, amidst billowing grief was raised from the dead.
Peter, first arrogant, fell into sin, then mighty in Christ, God’s Spirit within.

James and John, the “Sons of Thunder,” transformed by Christ without fault or blunder.
James, the Lord’s brother, first wouldn’t believe, then early church pastor—at prayer on his knees.
He was the beggar at temple gate “Beautiful” whose life was empty, distressing, and futile.
Thirty-eight years his fate was sealed; then Peter walked by; his legs were healed.

Dead Dorcas was given to love and good deeds, raised by the Spirit to care for more needs.
Barnabas the faithful, generous giver helped Paul become a superb Christian liver.
Aquila and Priscilla, true servants feted, were willing to go wherever needed.
Timothy, well taught by his godly mother, served with renown among Christian brothers.

Others who helped the gospel get started ended their life as faithful martyrs.
God, who saved us from sin and strife, wants to transform us, to make us like Christ.
This giant truth we all must follow to avoid a life that’s empty and hollow.
Millions He’s changed—more than a few, so turn to Christ and you’ll be changed too.

© Copyright George and Janie Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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