Tuesday, October 4, 2016

John 18: Part 3 – The Trial Before Pilate

The Jews had decided He must die but needed Roman permission.
In Roman law an execution was solely a government mission.
Since Jews would not enter a Gentile house, Pilate came outside
To conduct a hearing by interview to judge if He lived or died.

Pilate heard their accusations and knew they would not stand,
He saw how determined these rulers were to kill an innocent man.
He questioned Jesus and it became clear, He was not guilty of sin.
Pilate came forth and declared to the Jews, “I find no fault in Him.”

Pilate knew he should free the Lord, but as a politician true,
He rejected the path of righteousness for the expedient thing to do.
He thought surely he would get by offering Barabbas instead
But he misjudged the Jew’s intent to see their savior dead.

“If this man you choose to release, you’re not Caesar’s friend.
Release unto us Barabbas the thief; take the other to his end.”
With shouts of passion the Jews cried out, “Away, away with Him.
Crucify! Crucify! Crucify! was their relentless whim.

The soldiers twisted a crown of thorns on his beaten, bloody head.
Throwing a purple robe on Him, this is what they said,
“Hail, hail, all hail to you. Behold the King of the Jews!”
Mocking the One who made the worlds. What a bunch of fools!

They brought Him out wearing the robe beaten, scarred, misused.
Arrogant men condemned their God so brutally abused.
Jew and Gentile, man and maid, all of them crying aloud
“Death to Christ, crucify Him” their sinful heads unbowed.

Just what was it that Jesus did to deserve such evil behavior?
Had he murdered, robbed a store; abused His next-door neighbor?
What did He do except to expose our need for God’s salvation?
Why is it that we hate to admit the depth of sin’s degradation?

We much prefer to fool ourselves ignoring our frequent sin,
Creating our self-improvement plans to ease the pain within.
But God is willing to forgive our sin, has a plan for all of our days,
A plan that brings peace and healing within, a plan that will truly amaze.

What is required to know this plan, to grasp eternal life?
We must abandon the efforts of man and place our trust in Christ?
I am unable by deed or thought to effect my eternal salvation
But Jesus paid the price on the cross to effect my sanctification.

This is why Jesus came to earth: to die in our rightful place.
His perfection applied to our sin, our salvation granted by grace.
We cannot earn it, nor does it come through religious association.
Freely it’s given to all who believe in every generation.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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