Thursday, October 6, 2016

John 20: The Empty Tomb

Mary Magdalene came to the tomb in need of consolation
Only to find the tomb was empty, a mystery without explanation.
She ran to Peter and to John her heart in great distress.
“His body is missing,” she exclaimed. “Its location is anyone’s guess.”

Both disciples ran to the tomb; John arrived first to peek,
But Peter actually went inside some evidence to seek.
There was the wrap of linen with spice, the head covering folded neatly.
Though Christ had said He would rise again, they misunderstood completely.

Peter and John just went on home their questions unsatisfied,
But Mary remained there at the tomb, her head bowed as she cried.
She stooped and looked in the tomb again, saw two angels sitting therein.
Mary must have wondered just how they arrived and when.

“Why are you crying?” the angels asked her anguish recognized.
“They took away my Lord somewhere,” the dear saint testified.
As she turned to leave the tomb she addressed the gardener nearby,
“Did you take away my Lord? I came here to say my goodbyes.”

“Mary,” Jesus said right then. Her heart leaped as she heard Him speak.
“Teacher,” Mary shouted out, her voice a joyful screech.
She desired to embrace Him tight, never to lose Him again,
Jesus told her He would soon live in the hearts of all saved men.

”I have to go to heaven first, but go tell your sisters and brothers.
I am ascending to my Father, the God of all the others.”
To believe in a God who is dead and gone would be fruitless and naïve,
But the empty tomb would give them all a reason to believe.

So what are we to learn from this? What does it show us true?
It reminds us how needy the disciples were, unaware of what to do.
Instead of rejoicing and praising God they hid behind locked doors.
Like them we cower in fear at times, afraid of what might be in store.

But God has called us to walk by faith and not to let fear control us.
God’s thoughts about us are only good. He desires His love to show us.
So don’t find yourself doubting God; don’t second-guess His intentions.
You live in two opposing worlds: a body and spirit dimension.

This glorious God whom you serve has might beyond belief;
He wields resurrection power to effect your needed relief.
Don’t be a doubter like Thomas was or hide from your destiny.
Take your place in the army of God; the world needs you desperately.

This power of God raised our Lord into the heavenly realms
Placing Him over every king, the Captain at the helm.
This power was expressed for all who trust Him as their savior
Our message to the world is this: He is God’s redeeming life-saver.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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