Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Acts 2 – Part 3 – The Remarkable Early Church - Acts 2:32-33, 37-47

                                Acts 2:32-33, 37-47
Peter powerfully preached that day of our Lord’s divinity,
The nature of God and man infused, second person of the Trinity.
Resurrected and ascended to heaven, He sits with the Father enthroned,
No one else can be our redeemer. Only He alone.

Their hearts pierced, the people cried out, “Brothers what can we do?”
We have earnestly heard your message, and we know it’s true.”
“Repent of your sin,” Peter said, “be baptized in His name.
Declare to all your salvation; allegiance to Christ proclaim.”

Christ will grant you pardon for sin and send the gift of the Spirit.
His power will flow from deep within to share with those who hear it.
This Father’s promise is given today and to others yet to come.
Salvation is offered to all who believe, won for us by God’s Son.

Peter preached with power and passion urging the crowd to respond.
“Save yourself from your futile lifestyle, prepare for the life beyond.”
Those who believed were saved that day, about 3,000 in all.
The apostles baptized steadily those who answered the call.

How does an infant church behave when thousands come in a day?
What do they do? How are they taught? Where do they meet to pray?
They met in the temple courtyard by day and in their homes by night.
Through teaching, prayer and fellowship, many came to the Light.

A sense of awe came over them because of the Spirit’s presence.
It didn’t matter one’s social class: ruler, slave or peasant.
Every day in the temple grounds the apostles were present to teach
Every night in loving homes hungry new souls were reached.

The apostles received spiritual power performing signs and wonders.
Souls were saved, bodies healed, and marriages going under.
No one was hungry, no one unsheltered, no dire need unmet.
Always there was food to eat and a sleeping place at sunset.

The energy empowering the church came from our Savior’s love.
Every believer was renewed in the image of Christ above.
They loved, they cared, and freely shared that which God had given,
A literal, visible transformation by God’s pure love now driven.

This is what the church should be. Please note what God would do:
He would add daily to His kingdom as the message breaks through.
What would happen if our lives cared far more deeply for others?
Could it be that God would give us many new sisters and brothers?

There is in this record an element of truth that cannot be denied:
We would win more souls to Christ if to our will we died.
If we will live fully for Christ alone; open our heart and abode,
God will send us His chosen ones to learn about heaven’s road.

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