Monday, September 12, 2016

John 18 - Part 2: The Kangaroo Court

It is difficult to describe this trial because of the cruelty,
The ridicule and disrespect He endured for you and me.
The band of soldiers and Pharisees bound the hands of the Lord,
Then took him to the house of Annas, their hearts in one accord.

Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, the current high priest.
His influence prevailed in Jewish Law from the greatest to the least.
Annas questioned Jesus severely about doctrine and His men
Seeking earnestly for an excuse the Savior to condemn.

Jesus, knowing his evil intent said, “Why ask a question like this?
Thousands know what I taught. It’s very hard to miss.”
One of the officers standing by slapped Jesus in the face
My blood boils at the thought of such contemptible disgrace.

Annas then sent Him to the High Priest with scribes and elders assembled.
The thought of false witness against the Lord causes me to tremble.
In spite of their crafty, evil scheme, no credible evidence existed.
Finally in measures quite extreme, two liars were enlisted.

The first one accused Him of sedition, a plot to destroy their traditions;
Jesus made no defense or admission, giving no deposition.
The High priest asked, “Are you Christ, the glorious Son of the Blessed?
This Christ affirmed and the crowd went wild affirming His arrest.

The high priest tore his garments and shouted, “What terrible blasphemy!
There’s no need for additional witness. Let Him die in agony!”
They spit in His face; then covered His head so that He could not see.
Punching His face they cried out, “Prophesy! Who is it striking thee?”

These two trials went through the night. Jesus was pummeled and scorned.
In order to legally murder Him, legal charges must be formed.
Since the Jews lacked authority in their kangaroo court
Pilate would need to order the deed for their scheming not to fall short.

This we will study in the next poem as we read John’s words.
How could Pilate approve their charge so patently absurd?
How could it be that man would kill His Creator so callously?
The answer is His fallen nature marred by sin’s tragedy.

He who thinks man is inherently good is quite sadly mistaken.
Over and over and over again, captive he is taken.
He cannot control His evil behavior, His love for others grows cold;
He rejects his need for a Lord and savior; by selfishness controlled.

He avoids Bible discussion; these things make him nervous,
No thoughts of eternal repercussion, no presence at worship service.
Then the day of eternity comes; he breathes his very last breath.
To the great question of life he succumbs, “What happens after death?”

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