Friday, October 7, 2016

John 20: Part 2 Jesus and Doubting Thomas

On the evening of the empty tomb, His disciples hiding in fear,
Jesus appeared in the upper room showing them He was near.
He showed them His wounds, brought peace to their hearts
For the Spirit of God His power to impart.

“As the Father sent Me, so send I you.
What I have done you will do too.”
He breathed upon them the power of the Spirit
To preach repentance to all who will hear it.

All except Thomas were present that night when Jesus came to them
But Thomas refused to believe the words they told him time and again.
“Unless I see the scars in His hands and touch the wound in His side,
I won’t stop believing He is dead because I saw Him die.”

Eight days later they were together and Jesus suddenly appeared.
He said to Thomas, “Reach out to my side. What do you feel here?
Do not doubt Thomas, my friend, you have work on this sod.”
Thomas fell to his knees and said, “It is You, my Lord and my God.”

“Thomas, You have seen Me and now believe. You could have done better.
Blessed are those who do not see, yet believe My written letter.”
The apostles were a living letter written for all to see
The transformation Jesus effects when He saves abundantly.

Salvation comes to those who believe the truth of God’s Holy Word,
The Word the apostles boldly proclaimed to those who had never heard.
It doesn’t take a miracle to validate God’s glorious Truth.
Its power will save the soul of an adult, child, or youth.

The Bible records the miracles and accounts of our Lord’s teaching.
We formulate our doctrine from its record of Biblical preaching.
How glad I am that Jesus died and that He rose from the dead
Declaring to all He is Lord and King, the future Kingdom head.

It won’t be long now til Jesus comes; He is our blessed hope,
To rule eternally as God’s Son far beyond earth’s present scope.
Those who love Him and trust His grace will live forever in peace;
The power and glory of His reign shall never, ever cease.

God is calling for all to hear the message He sends today.
Sin has severed man from God, made His days dark and gray.
God, not willing for man to be lost, sent Jesus to die in our place.
Forgiveness and eternal life flow from His saving grace.

Won’t you trust His grace today? Won’t you yield your life?
Won’t you turn from sin’s highway, walk away from sin and strife?
Call upon Jesus to save your soul, ask Him to guide you each day.
You’ll find purpose in this life and joy on Judgment Day.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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