Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Acts 1 - Part 1 -Introduction to Acts

Dr. Luke is the author of Acts, a fine historian he,
Traveling with the Apostle Paul on his ministry journeys.
An erudite and scholarly man, a doctor by trained profession,
Dr. Luke was profoundly led after his saving confession.

He first wrote the Gospel of Christ, the one that bears his name
Recording the life and works of Him who set the world aflame.
He told of His birth, His miracles; how His death our sin transcends,
How Jesus then was raised from the grave, His victory our godsend.

The record complete, the story told, is there more our Lord would do?
What remains before He descends this world to judge and renew?
The answer is found in the Acts account, in history made alive
With events of valor chronicled there as believers serve and thrive.

When Christ arose, He showed Himself for a period of forty days
Proving He was the Risen Lord, setting their hearts ablaze.
He spoke to them of things to come, of ministry activism,
Of how the Spirit will empower in prayerful evangelism.

“Do not leave Jerusalem now, wait for the Spirit’s hour;
You cannot effect salvation grace working in human power.
John immersed you to signify the honest repentance you feel;
The Holy Spirit is coming soon to fill you with power and zeal.”

“Is this the time to declare yourself King?” the disciples said earnestly.
They were filled with earthly plans, thoughts of insurgency.
They were ready to rule with Christ; had dreams of prestige great,
Unaware of the price they would pay to change a lost world’s fate.

They couldn’t do it on their own; no human might is sufficient.
No preaching ability good enough, no human scheme proficient.
But the power flowing from the Spirit is equal to the task;
God empowers His servants well to perform just what He asks.

“You shall be a witness for me in Jerusalem and every nation.
Boldly proclaiming to all who will hear the message of salvation.”
Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria too and all the regions around
Were transformed with joy and peace by this message profound.

These first verses inserted here describe it with precision.
Our journey reveals God’s “good news” in its inspired transmission.
First it was those within the city, then towns and countryside
Received the witness of the redeemed, their soul now satisfied.

Never before and never since has there been such a revolution.
Never such dramatic change as lost souls found life solution.
Never such opposition was raised from social institutions;
Never such dreadful hardship and pain through unjust persecution.

All this and more we will see, I trust I have set the hook,
Open your Bible and study with me in God’s great textbook.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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