Wednesday, October 5, 2016

John 19: The Crucifixion of our Lord

Just as Isaac carried the wood for a sacrificial death,
So Christ carried His cruel cross to die at man’s behest.
Imagine the wave of pain he felt as the hammer struck the spike
That impaled the healing hands that ministered day and night.

Above Him fastened to the cross a sign read “King of the Jews.”
O what heartache the Jews endured because their king they refused!
O what a blessing to Gentiles (we) who were grafted into the tree!
How we long for that soon-coming day when our Savior we will see!

Below Him soldiers, with cold hearts, gambled for his clothes
Jaded by the stain of sin, unfazed by His agonized throes.
All this happened as scripture foretold as found in Psalm twenty-two.
We should take heed to prophecy fulfilled, in every detail true.

There near the cross His mother stood, tears flowing down her face,
Understanding His mission on earth; dying with matchless grace.
Jesus saw her standing with John, as close to Him as a brother,
He called upon him to care for her, to honor her like his mother.

Jesus knowing the Word was fulfilled indicated His thirst
In fulfillment of another sign that must be fulfilled first.
The prophecy is found in verse twenty-one of Psalm sixty-nine;
It came to pass when the soldiers gave a taste of sour wine.

These prophecies fulfilled on the cross and those written of his birth
Unite in concert with many more fulfilled in His work on earth.
His witness sure, its veracity true, His saving work complete,
He entrusted His spirit to God above and His heart ceased to beat.

It was the day before Sabbath, and to hasten the death of the thieves
The soldiers broke their legs on the cross to make it hard to breathe.
But coming to the Savior’s cross, they saw He was already dead.
Just to be sure one raised his spear and pierced his heart instead.

This too was a word of prophecy sure, passed down centuries spoken,
For the Passover Lamb was not to have any bones that were broken.
Exodus, Numbers and Psalms predict; the Gospels record its fruition.
O that man would humble himself; respond to God’s admonition.

All these prophecies came to pass and serve as an object lesson
Showing all men that salvation’s plan is more than a suggestion.
Separation from God because of sin can be securely abated,
By a new life received by faith, sin’s penalty terminated.

We have THIS life to serve our Lord, to choose our eternal fate,
To experience forgiveness by His grace; throw off sin’s cruel weight.
God has no desire to ascribe to you eternal condemnation,
But this He will most surely do if you rebuff His priceless salvation.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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