Friday, July 8, 2016

Proverbs 28: Right vs. Wrong

Proverbs 28: Right vs. Wrong

The wicked flee when no one pursues, fearful of being caught
The righteous are totally free in spirit, don’t even give it a thought.

A nation steeped in sin and darkness is ruled by fear and deceit
Great is the need for a righteous man the falsehearted to unseat.

Evil men abandon justice while lining their pockets with cash.
But those who pray petition the LORD that wickedness will not last.

A man may be poor but when he is honest, he is to be admired.
The wealthy man who abandons the truth is completely undesired.

He who leads the innocent man into sin’s dire path
Will find himself justly condemned, subject to Godly wrath.

When integrity reigns the nation is blessed and the people are fulfilled,
But when the wicked rise to power, their confidence goes downhill.

If you will faithfully live for God, you will be eternally blessed.
He who dies rejecting the LORD will experience eternal distress.

How dreadful to be a murderer ever shadowed by his sin;
On the run, shunned by his friends, no inner peace within!

Here is the element for success stated in Biblical clarity:
Deny distraction, work hard each day; you will enjoy prosperity.

Valid criticism graciously shared is far better in the end
Than a liar’s evil flattery; for truth pays a dividend.

Trying to live by human wisdom is truly insufficient.
How great our need to know the ways of our God omniscient.
God cares for the poor and blesses folks who do not ignore their need.

He who pretends he doesn’t see is displaying his selfish greed.

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