Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Colossians 4:2-6: A Final Word about Christian Graces

I write these words as I close this letter with final thoughts to share.
A very important thing you must do is to continue daily in prayer.
As you pray be vigilant, stay alert to Satan’s scheming
Lest his attack fall upon you when you are drowsily dreaming.

We live this life in a spiritual war with darkness all around.
Assaults on the flesh by demonic forces around us clearly abound.
You fight this war by the power of prayer expressing thanksgiving too;
By His grace we win each skirmish, His power carrying us through.

When you pray remember us; we need your powerful prayer
Asking God to open the door, the gospel to lucidly share.
God has called me to preach the mystery of Christ’s redemption plan,
So powerful that even here in prison, it is reaching many a man.

So pray, dear friends, do not stop. Your prayers are a battering ram
Breaking down the doors of darkness revealing the light of the Lamb.
Pray, dear friends, as the gospel goes forth, the darkness has to flee.
Even though I’m falsely imprisoned, its fruit is clear to see.

Walk in wisdom regarding those who yet remain unsaved.
Be a friend to all you meet sharing the hope they crave.
By His Spirit share the truth, redeem the time you’re given
Graciously share the grace of God freeing them from sin’s prison.

Let your speech be seasoned with grace, always communicate love.
Prepare yourself to answer the questions about our Lord above.
Don’t gossip, find fault, or allow yourself to indulge in profanity
To live that way and then claim Christ is simply insanity.

The world must see a different man, a person completely transformed.
There is no message, no glorious plan revealed in those malformed.
God did not save you to be a witness denying renovating faith;
He saved you that His glorious light will shine forth from your face.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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