Monday, July 18, 2016

Colossians 1:9-19: The Greatness of Our Lord

Colossians 1:9-19: The Greatness of Our Lord

  We heard of your love for all the saints and your faith and hope.
The measure of your maturity is one of considerable note.
I pray each day you will be filled with knowledge from God’s heart;
Fueled with wisdom and understanding, seeking to do your part.

It is our goal to please our Lord in all that we say and do,
Fruitful in our gifts and calling today and all the way through;
Increasing in the ways of God, strengthened in His might,
Joyful in our giving of thanks to live in his wonderful light.

We seek to be patient when we suffer remembering the pain
Experienced by our Savior in winning this life we’ve gained.
Through the cross with its agony our Lord and Savior endured,
Our sin condition and all its effects have been efficaciously cured.

Delivered from the power of darkness into a new domain;
No longer captive to our sin, a new freedom we have gained.
Transferred out of sin’s control to the realm of God’s Son so loved
We have experienced Christ’s redemption; seated with Him above.

Christ is the image of our God; first in priority and power,
He is Creator of all that exists, upheld by Him every hour.
Whether angels or evil demons, no matter their honor or shame,
Jesus, our Lord, is their Creator and knows them all by name.

He is the firstborn, of highest import, the ruler of all creation,
Who laid down His life to qualify us to rise to a higher station.
This is our God, the head of the church, the firstborn from the dead,
The founder of the Church of God and serves as it glorious head.

Our Lord Jesus supersedes all the philosophies of man.
He is the key to be freed from the power of sin’s strong hand.
The Bible tells us what to do if we would call heaven our home:
Abandoning all self-righteousness, we place faith In Christ alone.

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