Monday, July 4, 2016

Hope for America: An Independence Day Poem

Hope for America: An Independence Day Poem

Today we celebrate America’s birth, the greatest nation on all the earth.
Once renowned for its spiritual passion, sadly those values are now out of fashion.

The God the founders wrote about is rejected, directed, and told to check out.
The one true God, Creator of all, persona non grata, told to withdraw.

Could it be America’s time is up?  Has she drunk too long from sin’s vile cup?
While spending herself into disarray, has she squandered the resources to repay?

Will her economy slow to a crawl?  Will her house of cards collapse and fall?
Embracing sin and impurity is she on the path to obscurity?

What will it take to wake this land, to turn to God while she still can?
She seems to have lost her fear of God refusing to draw near to God?

God has been patient through the years while the Gospel called for all to draw near.
But the less she listens to its call the sooner, I fear, our nation will fall.

America has known two Great Awakenings when our nation experienced spiritual shaking.
Drunks were converted; crime went down, healing the dreadful moral breakdown.

We need to heed God’s Word today, humble our hearts and kneel to pray.
Seeking His wisdom, observing His will can accomplish far more than Capital Hill.

Perhaps our God will stay Judgment’s hand, send forth the prophets to warn our land.
Perhaps our children and grandchildren here will respond to the message, decide to draw near.

So today when you celebrate independence acknowledge to God that we are dependent,
Dependent upon His mercy and grace; for guidance and wisdom to run this race.

God bless America is our prayer. Bless all your children everywhere.
Bless every city, small town and farm. Draw near O God; keep us from harm.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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