Saturday, July 2, 2016

Proverbs 24: Life Principles that Ensure Success

Proverbs 24: Life Principles that Ensure Success
Read 2-5, 7, 10, 11-12, 19-20, 23-24

Here is what makes a family strong, the elements for success:
Parents choose appropriate values around which they coalesce.
They construct the foundation of their home with wisdom from on high
Furnishing it with His wealth of knowledge from heaven’s endless supply.

Godly wisdom brings power and strength to one’s intellect and spirit,
But sadly so many reject His Word and simply will not hear it.
God’s Wisdom is too high for such fools; they live in the worldly system.
Until they turn to God above, there is nothing that can assist him.

If you faint in times of trouble, your strength is feeble indeed.
Those who love God run the race with an inexorable will to succeed.
The righteous may fall time and again but rise to continue the race
Knowing the day is coming soon when he will see Him face to face.

Rescue those unjustly sentenced; unfairly condemned to die—
The infant still in his mother’s womb, helpless to utter a cry.
Don’t try to tell God a child born will spoil your satisfaction.
You will be judged not by your words, but solely by your actions.

Do not admire evildoers or envy the wicked folks,
For evil people have no future, nor do have any hope.
The Day of Judgment will surely come; they cannot flaunt their sin.
For them the Lake of Fire awaits, and they will be thrown in.

If you are a man of authority, one trusted to be a judge,
Don’t use your office to favor your friends nor to advance a grudge.
If you declare the wicked righteous, your reputation is stained.
There is no way such obvious sin can ever be explained.

I observed a lesson in the field of a lazy farmer indeed.
It don’t know why he sowed the soil with his valuable seed.
Thorns and nettles covered the field, the walls were broken down.
There will not be much of a harvest to take to market in town.

A little slumber, some extra sleep, too many stops to rest
Brings poverty and devaluation, your property worth less and less.
It is hard to see enterprise fail because of a lack of ambition
Instead of success he finds himself in the opposite condition.

I trust these proverbs written above, whose source is God’s perfect Word
Will be treasured by those who read them; their message clearly heard.
Heed the advice of omniscient God; no one knows life better:
There’s far more joy being an owner than to serve as a lazy debtor.

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