Sunday, July 3, 2016

How to Follow the Lord

            How to Follow the Lord
Exodus 33-40

It’s not easy leading a people who always seemed to complain.
This was the task Moses endured as He led them through desert plains.
They complained of a shortage of water and when they needed meat.
In every need our God supplied with another miraculous feat.

After the events of the golden calf, Moses pitched a tent.
When it was time to meet with God that was where he went.
He placed the tent outside of camp to remind them of their sin.
They would stand and watch their leader until he entered in.

Outside the tent of meeting a holy cloud descended.
It would hover overhead until the meeting ended.
All of Israel could clearly see that God, who extended His grace,
Revealed His will only to Moses meeting him face to face.

They came to see how God led them by watching the cloud each day.
If it lifted they would leave, but if it remained they stayed.
Through the days of traveling it became a familiar sight:
Above them lay the cloud by day and the pillar of fire at night.

The remaining chapters chronicle how they built their worship tent.
The tabernacle was portable, carried wherever they went.
The Sons of Aaron were appointed to be the priestly class.
The Levites cared for the great tent with all its many tasks.

That takes us to the end of the book and soon there will be a test,
They must take action and enter the land God charged them to possess.
In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses records these events.
We’ll see if they are men of faith or whining malcontents.

All God’s people have journeys of faith, trials that make us shiver.
Like Israel then we too see now the enemy across the river.
We are aware God’s chosen people trembled at Canaan’s might,
Let us, therefore, remember this truth: we walk by faith not sight.

Whatever you’re facing God is there. Place your trust in Him.
He is the answer to all your needs. To doubt Him is to sin.
So let us remember Joshua and Caleb, who gave both heart and hand.
With faith in the God who meets all our needs, let us possess the land.

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