Monday, July 25, 2016

Colossians 3:18-4:1: What Makes a Family Work?

Here is a passage oft misunderstood; sometimes used in error.
I find it very thought provoking, its instructions helpful and fair.
Wives are told to submit to their husband, husbands to love their wives;
Saints of God who work at these things, live richer, fuller lives.

Husband, do you love your wife in the manner Christ loves His bride?
Do you lead your family spiritually, setting lesser things aside?
Is your wife honored in your home, is your love for her on display?
That’s how you create an environment to follow your lead each day.

Does your wife feel her thoughts are valued, her conclusions received?
This is how a godly leader comes to be heard and believed.
God has called each husband to set the spiritual tone
He who does not dishonors his wife and fails to lead his home.

Children are to obey their parents; the home is the greatest school,
The building block of a healthy culture, not a place to raise a fool.
Mothers nurture and care for their kids; a father holds the line.
Together they work to develop them body, soul, and mind.

The patient nurture of a mom and the diligent headship of dad
Will build character in their offspring; create their launching pad.
But fathers must learn to communicate and not provoke their child;
Too much anger may drive him away with a refusal to reconcile.

Servant employees respect your boss, serve with a genuine heart.
Your motive should be to honor God in the way you do your part.
Whatever the assignment, big or small, do it enthusiastically
Knowing God sees all of your heart; remunerates actively.

Masters must treat their employees fairly caring about their needs
Knowing they have a God in heaven observing their habits and deeds.
Over the years I have noted that generous bosses are blessed.
Both boss and servant experience grace, their hearts at peace and rest.

God will reward all who please Him and the evil will be repaid.
The faithful man has nothing to fear, but the wicked will be dismayed.
God is not partial; He cannot be bought or by argument swayed,
By truth each person will be judged, by truth each one repaid.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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