Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Colossians 2:1-10: Fighting for Your Faith

Even though you have not seen my face, I agonize for you.
I pray daily for your faith, and for your encouragement too.
It want you all to understand a mystery unknown to man,
That Jesus Christ, our glorious Lord, is God’s salvation plan.

In Christ the scriptures are fulfilled, It’s Him they fully proclaim.
In Him the treasures of God’s wisdom are adequately explained.
He is our hope, our sure deliverance, our source of eternal life,
He alone is our kinsman redeemer whose perfection paid the price.

I remind you of this because I know of the devil’s great deception.
His skillful debate and crafty ways too often receive a reception.
Though I am personally far away, I am with you now in spirit;
Do not be deceived by his argument; tell him you will not hear it.

Be on guard, check the scripture; ask for spiritual discernment,
For empty deception leads to the grave of philosophical interment.
You must be rooted and grounded in Christ, alive in His Spirit;
Rejecting the false, abound in His truth, seeking to revere it.

The philosophies of this present world are many more than ten;
Empty traditions that cannot fulfill, deceptive traditions of men.
The only way to be satisfied, to know your place on this sod
Is to know Him who created all, the glorious Son of God.

In Him alone you are complete; in Him you are secure.
Those who follow empty deceit are never, ever sure.
They hope to see heaven’s glorious shore, but still afraid to die.
But we who place our faith in Christ will meet Him in the sky.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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