Friday, June 24, 2016

The Tower of Babel

                                              The Tower of Babel
                                                     Genesis 10-11

The sons of Noah and their descendents are named in Genesis ten.
It chronicles how so many were born as man’s new start began.
The lifespan then was hundreds of years, so quickly their numbers grew.
God had commanded for them to be fruitful so society could renew.

Though God had told them to fill the earth, His Word was sadly rejected.
Deciding His plan had little worth they failed to obey as expected.
Instead of spreading across the land creating the various nations,
They decided proudly to build a large city to serve as their central station.

God came down, observed their city, and knowing their devious heart,
Disbanded this human “one-world” committee making them live apart.
Suddenly when they spoke to each other, the other could not understand.
Unable to communicate, they had to abandon their plan.

With their failure to converse, their vain ambition fell short.
They grouped together around their speech for fellowship and support.
In this way the people spread to form an important foundation
For division of power and boundaries inherent in separate nations.

There is a message in this account that those who are wise will heed:
When power is placed in a single hand, there is danger indeed.
Many today, like the Babel group, endorse a one-world plan.
But if you suppose you can out-think God, you’re really a silly man.

The Tower of Babel will always be a symbol of man’s pride.
Ignoring God’s Word human wisdom becomes his pathway guide.
I have learned that following my path often leads to destruction.
The greatest insight comes, dear friend, by seeking God’s instruction.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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