Friday, June 24, 2016

The Account of Creation

   The Account of Creation
              Genesis 1 and 2
In the beginning our awesome God created the heavens and earth.
No animal life had yet been made, nothing had given birth.
First God said, “Let there be light” and the darkness flew away.
The darkness God defined as night and the light He defined as day.

Then He created the heavenly expanse giving it shape and form
Commanding the waters to leave the land making that the norm.
So on the first day God made light; on the second He made land.
He was pleased with what He formed by the Word of His command.

On day three He spoke the word; vegetation covered the earth.
Grass and trees and herbs appeared with seeds ensuring new birth.
On day four the LORD created the sun, the stars, and moon.
When the moon passed through the sky, day would be coming soon.

On day five the seas were filled with an abundance of living creatures.
Even today we’re still amazed at their various forms and features.
With infinite wisdom He created the birds that fly throughout the sky
Telling them to find their mate, be fruitful and multiply.

On day six animals were formed all across the land.
Then they watched as God took dirt and fashioned the first man.
This first man ruled creation and though created from sod,
He was destined for special relation, made in the image of God.

All this took place in the first six days. The angels were impressed.
Thus God formed a pattern to stay: the seventh day is for rest.
This truth has stood through all the years giving us health and peace,
For as we worship the Lord we revere, worry and stress are released.

One final Gift God gave to man: He brought to Adam his Eve,
A beautiful helpmate created for him; precious beyond belief.
Did you notice that Eve was made from a rib in Adam’s side?
There Jesus suffered a wound as well that we may become His bride.

What a plan! What a purpose! What a glorious deed!
First God created and then He died in order to meet our need.
Surely He is worthy of the praise we freely give.
Let us therefore proclaim His name by the manner in which we live.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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