Friday, June 24, 2016

Are You Connected to the Vine?

Which God do You Serve?

"I am the vine; you are the branches. (John 15:5)

Do all roads lead to heaven? Now that’s an important question.
Many there are who walk through life with that mistaken impression.
Believing all paths lead to God, they search until they find
The path that appeals the most to them—body, soul, or mind.

Some like to choose the Sweetie God, the one who looks aside;
Who doesn’t require a transformed life, who lets all sinners slide.
They like to enjoy the fruits of the flesh without a shred of guilt.
Having no sense of sin or shame, they plunge in to the hilt.

Some like to choose the Candy God, the one who will make you rich.
The benevolent, permissive God who responds to their greedy pitch.
They want a God who approves their excess, who never thinks it’s funny
That immature, greedy, indulged saints think only of fun and money.

Some like to choose the Big Mean God, the one with a thousand rules.
No wonder people look at the church and think it’s full of fools.
Don’t think for a moment God is defined by creating a list to follow.
Those who try eventually find their life is empty and hollow.

Some like to choose the Nature God—you find Him in the trees.
They save the whales and spotted owls but let the humans freeze.
They invent fancy tales of world-wide disaster and tell it around the globe.
They’re often led in foolishness by those in scholastic robes.

Some like to choose the Hedonistic God; they live a life without checks.
They devote themselves to what feels good including illicit sex.
They abort their babies for convenience sake without a shred of regret.
How sad it is when the baby’s mom becomes its greatest threat!

There isn’t a person described above who knows the real God.
The Creator, Redeemer, Sovereign Lord who walked upon this sod.
The God loves the world so much, He bore judgment in our place.
It is He in whom we place our trust, for salvation comes only by grace.

This is the God, the only God; there is no other to save you.
This is the life in which to choose, so choose in this lifetime he gave you.
Today is the day of your salvation, now is the acceptable time.
Let God’s glory fall on your life; get connected to the vine.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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