Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hagar and Ishmael

                                         Hagar and Ishmael
                                               Genesis 16
God promised heirs to Abram on the night of that wonderful vision,
But as so often happens to man, he accepted a devilish revision.
Instead of resting in God’s word displaying patience and trust,
Sarai thought she would help the Lord, much to His disgust.

She suggested Hagar, her maid, should become Abram’s wife,
A wretched example of unbelief fraught with peril and strife.
In his desire to make her happy, Abram unwisely consented.
Because of his failure to trust in God, millions have been tormented.

Hagar conceived and Sarai thought a child she could name,
But the dynamics of their relationship would never be the same.
Hagar grew proud when she conceived, her mistress she despised.
Thus Sarai hated the arrogance she saw in Hagar’s eyes.

Because of Sarai’s treatment of her, Hagar ran away.
She took the Wilderness Road to Shur walking all the way.
God’s mighty angel found her there exhausted by the spring,
Instructed her to return to Sarai and submit in everything.

The Angel shared a Word from God that she would bear a son.
He would be a wild man, at war with everyone.
Hagar obeyed the angelic instruction, returned to Abram’s household.
Ishmael came into the world and with him sorrow untold.

Everyone has an Ishmael, the sins and misdeeds they’ve sown.
His presence brings strife and misery destroying many homes.
We find here a message we should learn, so heed it if you can:
Learn to follow the Word of the Lord instead of the wisdom of man.

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