Friday, June 24, 2016

Abram’s Early Years

                           Abram’s Early Years
                                  Genesis 12-13
We see in the land of Haran a man God chose to bless.
He called on Abram to up and leave to a place he could only guess.
Abram took Sarai and went to Bethel. There he pitched his tent,
But a famine caused him to wonder if Egypt was what God meant.

As he and Sarai drew near to Egypt, we see his failure of faith.
Abram feared that he would be killed for Sarai’s beauty and grace.
He decided to lie and call her his sister, a truly foolish sin,
For Pharaoh, thinking she was unmarried, desired to take her for him.

And so one day some men showed up with a great herd of sheep:
“Pharaoh sent these herds for you, and Sarai is his to keep.”
Sarai was taken to Pharaoh’s harem, but before there was time to marry
God sent plagues disturbing Pharaoh causing him to be wary.

“Why did you lie and call her your sister,” said Pharaoh so displeased.
Take your wife and all your possessions; I want you now to leave.”
So Abram left and went back to Bethel. His shame could not be ignored.
When he arrived he built an altar and called on the name of the Lord.

While there at Bethel Abram prospered as did his nephew Lot.
Their two herds took all the land. There wasn’t an empty spot.
Abram proposed that Lot choose the hills or plains toward Sodom.
Lot’s ultimate choice of the plains was unwise and it very nearly got him.

Lot’s family was a poor example in their spiritual contending.
The sins of Sodom reached the heavens God’s holiness offending.
Angels were sent to deliver them before judgment without pity
Relentlessly rained fire and brimstone upon the wicked city.

How often we are just like Abram with times of joy and tears.
Sometimes we obey and others we fail because of our sin and fears.
But God, who is gracious, calls us to Bethel and there we kneel to pray.
He reminds us then how much we are loved each and every day.

So if you have drifted down to Egypt or walked on Sodom’s false road;
If your mind is burdened with guilt and your heart is about to explode,
Turn to Bethel, fall on your knees; call on the Lord above.
Confess your sin, restore your heart, and live in your Savior’s love.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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