Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Abrahamic Covenant

                            The Abrahamic Covenant
                                    Genesis 17-18:15
Twelve years after Ishmael was born, to Abram the Lord appeared.
The Lord was ready to covenant with him because of his reverent fear.
Abram fell on his face before God, the Creator told him His plan.
“Because you’ll father many nations, your name is now Abraham.” *

My covenant with you is everlasting beginning with Sarah’s son.
It will continue to all your descendents in generations to come.
Abraham pondered in his heart, “Does he know I’m a hundred years?
It seems to me we’re both too old for a child to be born here.”

God told him about the covenant and the sign of circumcision,
For he would father a chosen people to live as God envisioned.
Abram quickly obeyed his God and circumcised all his men
Establishing this sign for every male as each generation began.

One day Abram sat in his tent avoiding the noonday heat,
The Son of God appeared again His promise to repeat.
Sarah hastened to make some bread and Abram prepared a calf.
When she heard she would conceive, she couldn’t suppress a laugh.

The Son of God, in angelic form, understood she felt ignored.
He spoke loudly for Sarah to hear, “Is this too hard for the Lord?
At the soon-appointed time your hearts will be filled with joy,
For Sarah will hold in her loving arms a healthy baby boy.

Even though the promise came from Jehovah face to face,
It still required Abraham to trust the Lord by faith.
The same is true of you and me as we walk this Christian road.
We trust the promises in His Word until they are bestowed.

* Note: Abram means “Exalted Father,” but Abraham means “Father of Multitudes.”
   Sarai means “Which See,” but Sarah means “Princess.”

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