Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Have You Trained for War?

Have You Trained for War:
Judges 3:1-4

From the beginning it was God’s plan to give Israel the Promised Land.
He sovereignly led Abraham there. The land was for him and all of his heirs.

Israel prospered through trials stout until the land was burdened by drought.
That is how Israel landed in Egypt. It was easy to go there but hard to leave it.

They were enslaved four hundred years til God told Moses "Deliver your peers."
Moses led Israel by God’s mighty hand. After him Joshua led the strange band.

God brought them to the promised border, said “be of good courage,” and gave the order.
With him was Caleb, an old man of might, who helped teach the young folks how to fight.

The war wasn’t won by the diplomat corps; the land had to be taken by force in war.
Joshua led his troops into battle seizing the land, the homes and the cattle.

This story repeats for each generation, for the battle continues without cessation.
So learn now this truth unwise to ignore: It’s time to man up and train for war.

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