Friday, June 24, 2016

The Entrance of Sin into the World

                         The Entrance of Sin into the World

                                                 Genesis 3

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden where all was peaceful and bright.
All of creation reflected God’s splendor.  It was a beautiful sight.
In the Garden were two special trees: the first was the Tree of Life.
The fruit of the tree gave health and strength to the very first man and wife.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was also there to see.
Of it God said, “You shall not eat” and they were quick to agree.
Bountiful fruits and vegetables grew from ground and bush and tree
They simply had to make their choice from ample variety.

Now the serpent was a cunning foe hating the God of Creation.
He, who had failed to usurp the Most High, was filled with raging frustration.
He wanted this Garden for his own; looked around with jealous eyes.
His devious strategy suggested to Eve that God was a God of lies.

He came to Eve with voice so smooth suggesting forbidden fruit.
Yes, evil lurked to devour Eve and deception was its root.
He said to her, “Go ahead and try it. I promise you will not die.
God doesn’t want you to be like Him. What He told you is a lie.”

Eve examined the appealing fruit deciding to partake.
She took the fruit to Adam exclaiming, “Look what I just ate!
It’s delicious. You should try it. I think you’ll enjoy the taste.”
So Adam also ate the fruit and sealed mankind’s fate.

Instantly the man and wife knew something drastic had transpired.
Physically and spiritually naked, their innocence had expired.
They sewed leaves to cover themselves and tried to hide away
But sin cannot be hidden from God when man has gone astray.

All of us know the story’s end, the result of sin’s dark stain.
Eve would give birth amidst great pain and Adam would toil in vain.
We’ve learned the product of sin’s grand deed destroys the perfection of life,
Steals the good God desired for us, and brings us sadness and strife.

But hidden within the serpent’s rebuke is hope for man’s sad estate.
There would be a Savior to come, the sin problem to abate.
This first reference to our Lord and to His salvation plan
Is the beginning of hope restored for fallen, sinful man.

What about you? Do you understand? Have you placed your trust in Christ?
His death on the cross was God’s clear plan to fully pay sin’s price.
It’s not our good works but His death that counts; in Him salvation is found.
No sin is too great for His grace to surmount, for you to be heaven bound.

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