Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Power of God on Display

Elijah said to Ahab the King, “These false prophets pollute the land.
So gather them now 450 to 1; let’s see who’ll be left to stand.”
So Ahab sent word for all to assemble to give the gods a test.
The people gathered at Mount Carmel to see which god was best.

Elijah the prophet addressed the crowd, “It’s time to make up your mind.
It’s time to stop this wavering dance; I propose we ask for a sign.
Let each side slay a bull on the altar, but their god will light the fire.
In the process we shall prove one to be real and the other a liar.”

The prophets of Baal brought their bull; put it down before the crowd.
They placed the carcass on the wood praying long and loud.
They danced and cried from morning to noon, their fear beginning to haunt them.
Knowing their god was a devilish fake, Elijah began to taunt them.

“What’s wrong with Baal? Why doesn’t he answer? I hear you wail and weep.
I think you need to shout much louder. Perhaps he’s still asleep.”
They slashed their limbs and cut themselves; their blood did freely flow.
Throughout the day they prophesied, but Baal did not show.

Elijah rebuilt the altar of God; laid the bull on the wood.
The water outpoured was done to be sure no one misunderstood.
He said, “Fetch four barrels, water it thrice until it fills the trench.
If God be God there is nothing on earth His fire cannot quench.”

Then he stepped back, raised his hands and cried out to the Lord,
“O Show the people you are God; true worship to restore.”
With a thunderous clap and a brilliant flash, fire fell before their eyes.
All was consumed; the water lapped up; the ground before him was dry.

All of Israel fell on their face, His glory they proclaimed.
The God of Elijah won the day, their allegiance was reclaimed.
The evil prophets of Jezebel were judged at God’s command.
Once again His glorious name was honored throughout the land.

Is there a prophet from Jezebel alive in your heart today?
Will Jesus find idolatry that you have allowed to stay?
When Jesus comes will you rejoice or will you silently quake?
In this life you make your choice. What decision will you make?

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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