Monday, September 5, 2016

John 15:1-16: Connected to the Vine

Every vineyard must be pruned if it would bear much fruit,
Cared for by the Garden Master from leaf to bud to shoot.
Jesus is the fruitful vine, the Father its caretaker
We are the branches carefully dressed by the divine Creator.

Every branch should bear fruit, for that is the master plan.
The season for bearing spiritual fruit is this earthly lifespan.
The healthy branch sends forth grace enabling fruit to grow
This is how our life work has spiritual fruit to show.

The branch relies upon the vine for its strength and energy
It is carefully pruned and further refined or its fruit will never be.
These times of pruning are for our good, cutting the dross away
Thus enabling the very best fruit to thrive until harvest day.

God has a pattern revealed here about the fruit-bearing process:
Four terms within this passage describe increasing fruitful progress.
Fruit to more fruit is first ascribed and then by much fruit explained.
The final term so skillfully described is hailed as fruit that remains.

Bearing fruit honors the Father; brings glory to our savior.
How sad when believers do not bother to think about their behavior.
If you think little of stewarding your life here on planet earth,
You call into question the validity of a genuine spiritual birth.

Here’s how you grow into fruitfulness: Live in the Father’s love.
Keep His commandments; love one another, receiving grace from above.
There are the things that bring fulfillment with joy that will truly remain.
Sweet is the life with purpose here and the promise of heaven gained.

Knowing that He was soon to die, Jesus expressed a thought
Pertaining to the cruel cross where salvation would be wrought.
True friendship imperishable, the kind that makes you cry,
Is expressed for those one loves, when he lays down his life and dies.

This is what Jesus did for me and for all who believe His Word
He died to be our redeeming Lord. How my heart is stirred!
He does not call us servants now; He calls us His dear friends.
His death provides a new life now and a future that never ends.

I’m so thankful our dear Lord forgave my sin and shame.
On the cross He qualified me for heaven’s glorious gain.
I find myself attached to Christ, the glorious, life-giving vine.
I’m glad the Father’s pruning knife trims me to His design.

Here are the thoughts I wish for you, thoughts both kind and true:
I wish for you to know our Lord the way that He wants you to.
I wish for you to possess His peace; His joy to fill your soul.
I wish for you His very best plan, and a life that is full and whole.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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