Thursday, September 8, 2016

John 17:Part 2 - The Lord’s Prayer for His Disciples

O what a prayer Jesus prayed on that fateful eve
For the disciples given by God whom He soon would leave!
The Father in heaven had chosen them; brought them to our Lord,
Who taught them of eternal life and heaven’s splendid rewards.

This prayer is a model for all to heed if they would mentor others.
Seeking the Lord is a great need among all sisters and brothers.
Jesus sought the Father’s care for these He held so dear
Knowing just how they would fare when He was no longer here.

He prayed for them to live in love retaining their unity
Knowing the devil’s evil attack would seek opportunity.
“I have taught and kept them true, except the son of perdition,
Now I commit them unto You to carry them through their mission.”

“The world will hate them terribly just as it hated Me
The devil will make them nominees for pain and hostility.
I do not ask they be removed from facing worldly rejection;
I pray their devotion will improve, kept by divine protection.”

“Just as I came as an intervention into this world of sinful men,
I send them forth to preach redemption over and over again.
For this purpose I gave my life, put on the nature of man,
Paying the price of reclamation for his salvation plan.”

“They belong to a heavenly kingdom distinct from this world of sin;
Protect them by your glorious power, sanctified within.
I pray the Word of Truth abounds, their glorious source of light;
May this wondrous scripture expound and its truth ignite.”

“As you sent Me, so I send them. As I leave, they go.
As I loved them by Your grace, so Your grace they show.
No longer do I call them servants; now I call them friends.
Keep them, Father. This is my prayer. Now I say amen.”

Here is a final thought to consider in this poetic address:
This world today thinks wealth and fame are measures of success.
Help us to see an honest name, unwavering in godly devotion
Is unattached to this futile world but focused on heaven’s promotion.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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