Friday, September 2, 2016

John 15: The Coming of the Comforter

Jesus had said He was going away to be in the presence of God.
The disciples were stunned to hear His words; they seemed so very odd.
They had been sure He would build a kingdom right here on the earth,
But first the message had to be preached about the spiritual birth.

“Though I must leave you,” said the Lord, “I will send the Spirit true.
He will help you through life’s trials; actually abide in you.
He will comfort, guide and instruct just as I have done.
I must go, but He will come after the battle I’ve won.”

Fairly soon I will be gone and the world will see me no more,
But you, dear friends will know I’m alive to live forevermore.
Though I’m in heaven with the Father, I will also be in your heart.
Fellowship, wisdom; eternal life by the Spirit I will impart.

Our spiritual union will be complete, at rest in constant communion,
The Father, Spirit, Savior and man in holy, transcendent union.
If you love me, you will be loved by My Father in heaven above.
Sweet communion with God and man abides through the grace of love.

Judas wondered how God is unknown by those who refuse to believe?
Is it true that one is condemned if salvation he fails to receive?
The Bible declares all have sinned; it has changed our eternal condition,
But Jesus came to bring us new life, to effect our transposition.

When we place faith in Christ alone as our savior and Lord,
We are cleansed of all our sin, our spiritual life restored.
We love our Father and our Lord and the Holy Spirit within.
All who believe will find themselves loved in return by Him.

There is a reason this is important: These are the Father’s words.
The message of man’s spiritual hope is the greatest ever heard.
Triune God, independent of need, with love for this world so deep
Created in Christ the road to redemption that led to Satan’s defeat.

If you will trust Him, He will save you, forgive your sin and shame.
You can serve Him here on earth free from judgment and blame.
You can know you are going to heaven when life’s journey is o’er
You can gather with saints and friends on heaven’s glorious shore.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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