Tuesday, September 6, 2016

John 17:1-5: The Lord’s Prayer for Mankind: Part 1

Do you know why Jesus came to earth,
Why He added the nature of man?
How sin’s stain became man’s dearth;
Without a salvation plan?

All of creation was exposed
To the horror of sin’s world entrance?
Thus deliverance was proposed
To avoid an eternal death sentence?

Someone had to pay the price
To bring about true justice;
Someone sinless—no lamb would suffice—
To satisfy perfect justness.

That which was planned from the beginning of time,
To obtain salvation for man,
The murder that marks man’ heinous crime,
Was carefully, craftily planned.

Our Lord was not taken by surprise,
For He knew the effects of sin,
How man fell from Creator’s design
To be scarred and polluted within.

“Now that the hour has arrived,”
Our Lord prayed to God above,
“Glorify Me and man revive;
Transform him by Your love.”

“Sustain Me by your grace, O God,
Accept my life sacrifice,
Raise me in power from this sod,
I surrender my earthly life.”

Jesus glorified God on earth,
Fulfilling His mission for you.
Providing for man a spiritual birth,
So what are you going to do?

Will you receive Him; believe His Word?
Or will you just muddle through?
Respond to the message you have heard,
To the provision God made for you.

The glorious Creator of time and space
So loved His highest creation,
He came to take our deserving place
To save us from condemnation.

Do you not see this truth so clear?
His death provides salvation.
Your greatest decision on this sphere
Is to accept its consummation.

His death is sufficient for the soul
Who will believe and acquiesce.
Oh place your life in His control!
It’s the key to spiritual rest.

© Copyright 2016 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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