Monday, March 1, 2010

Crossing the Jordan

Joshua 3-4

The spies, who had stayed in Rahab’s house,
Escaped to the hills, which were near.
They knew the Lord was sending them forth,
For Jericho trembled in fear.

Three days it took to inform the clans
How each tribe would do its part.
God had given a careful plan
To follow before they start.

The priests set forth carrying the ark,
Their mission to complete.
As soon as the water touched their feet,
The Jordan piled up in a heap.

The priests walked out into the middle
And there they stood on dry ground
As Israel passed tribe by tribe
Heading for Jericho town.

Each of the tribes had chosen one man
To carry a rock from the river.
That night in camp they arranged the rocks
As a remembrance that God had delivered.

“The day may come when your children ask,
‘Why are these rocks piled here?’
Tell them how God heaped up the waters
And we crossed without burden or fear.”

God did this for Israel way back then,
But He also did it for you.
The rocks were a sign for all to come
Of His love and provision true.

You need never fear the Lord’s provision.
It comes one day at a time.*
Just bow your head in humble petition;
Continue the upward climb.

* See Matthew 6:25-34

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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