Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sin in the Camp

Joshua 7

The first battle was over and all were at rest; the people were filled with joy.
God had triumphed on their behalf and Jericho was destroyed.
Perhaps they thought there would be no test everywhere they went,
But trouble loomed that very first day and it dwelt in Achan’s tent.

Now Jericho was “devoted to God”, which meant all was given to Him.
But Achan saw some silver and gold and took it on a whim.
He hid God’s treasure in his tent, buried it deep in the ground.
But having disobeyed the Lord, the consequence was profound.

Joshua sent forth three thousand men to attack a nearby town.
To their surprise they were defeated with 36 soldiers down.
This little town, Ai by name, chased the army of God.
Joshua got down before the Lord, placed his face in the sod.

As he lay there imploring God he cried out as he shook his head.
“Why, O God, did you bring us here if only to be killed dead?”
The Canaanites will hear about this, and for what it’s worth,
They will take heart with this news and wipe us off the earth.”

God told Joshua, “Stand up like a man. There’s something you need to know.
You have a case of sin in the camp and that sin has got to go.
Consecrate the people of God, for tomorrow is the day.
Tomorrow when you assemble the tribes, the guilty one will pay.”

In order to find the evil doer, God gave Joshua a plan.
He called the people first by tribe and then by tribal clan.
Through this process God revealed; there could be no faking.
Thus the guilt was finally sealed upon the family of Achan.

You all know the story of how he died and all his family with him.
Imagine the tears as grandparents cried because of this evil sin.
Don’t ever think your selfish deeds have no effect on others.
O what pain and sorrow is felt by grieving fathers and mothers.

Come to the Lord while there is time. Come on bended knee.
Forsake your sin, make the right choice. Ask Him to set you free.
Receive the balm of Gilead, which brings healing to your soul.
No longer will you cry or be sad, for Jesus will make you whole.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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