Monday, March 8, 2010

Intervention From Above

Joshua 10

Many have heard about the war on the day the sun stood still.
The Amorites sought to even the score with Gibeon in mind to kill.
The Gibeonites had come to Israel and by guile a treaty made.
When this became known to Amorite kings, all of them felt betrayed.

These five kings surrounded the city causing a spirit of fear.
The Gibeonites called upon Joshua to bring his army near.
With a forced march in one long night, the army quickly arrived.
The Amorites were not prepared, confused by the sudden surprise.

Joshua’s army fought that day and gained the upper hand.
He prayed for God the sun to stay so they could conquer the land.
The Lord above heard his cry and halted the sun and moon.
Giant hailstones fell from the sky destroying the Amorite platoons.

Ever since that day of war, the world has known this story.
Miracles are kept in store for those who give God the glory.
What are you doing for the King? Are you fulfilling your call?
You may ask God for anything when you’re giving your all.

So where are you in the fight today? Do you need intervention?
If you have spiritual giants to slay, give this thoughtful attention:
The battle in which you are now engaged is observed by One unseen,
And as His banner of truth is raised, our Lord will intervene.

You may not need the sun to stop or hail to fall from the sky,
But every soldier engaged in war is depending on God on high.
When you give Him your full attention and serve with undying love,
You will receive divine intervention that comes from heaven above.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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