Friday, March 12, 2010

Deborah the Prophetess

Judges 4

Over and over Israel failed in their walk with the Lord.
With Godly leaders they would prevail as the scriptures record.
First it was Othniel followed by Ehud; Shamgar came a bit later.
But after them, they fell away and sinned against their Creator.

Because of their sin Israel suffered for more than twenty years.
When they finally cried to the Lord, their prayers were sweet to hear.
Deborah the Prophetess summoned Barak and told him about God’s plan.
“Go engage Sisera in a fight. God’s given him into your hands.”

Barak remembered the 900 chariots Sisera had to show.
He said to Deborah, “You come along. That’s my condition to go.”
She said, “If you’re afraid, I will go too, for Sisera is sure to fall;
But when our people remember this day, it’s a woman they will recall.”

Barak led his army that day to a victory God had ordained.
Their opponents were thrown into disarray til not a man remained.
Now Sisera fled to Jael’s tent searching a place to hide.
Jael offered to help the man and covered him up inside.

Exhausted from the battle that day, he slept as though he were dead.
Jael took a stake in her hand and held it just over his head.
With a mighty swing of her arm, she drove the tent stake through.
Just like his men on the field of battle, Sisera had to die too.

Just at that time Barak came by chasing this general who fled.
Jael told him to look inside, for there lay Sisera dead.
Israel was delivered yet again by the One who was their defender.
When we think of this glorious day, these women we remember.

It takes courage to follow the Lord. We must be strong and mature.
There will be challenges along the way, times we may be unsure.
But God has given His Holy Spirit to be our Teacher and Guide.
It is He who shows us the way and every need provides.

You can trust God as you walk this day. Place your hope in Him.
Read the Scripture, take time to pray; heed the small voice within.
There is no task that God will give in which you must yield to fear,
For the One who lives within is always and ever near.

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