Saturday, February 19, 2011

Special Memories of My Son

On the Occasion of his 29th birthday

I’ll never forget the day you arrived, a happy and jovial lad.
How it warmed my heart inside to hear you call me “dad.”

You climbed up on the top-most bunk and laid your head to rest.
In the night I heard a ker plunk: you had fallen from your nest.

I picked you up and held you tight; your fear soon went away.
You were anxious for morning to come, so you could get up and play.

Because it was your birthday week, we had a party one night.
I still remember your joyful shriek when you saw your brand new bike.

I remember the day we prayed, when Jesus came into your heart;
Knowing with joy He had come to stay, to set your life apart.

I also remember the daily bike ride pedaling through city streets
Picking up bottles cast aside with stops at McDonald’s for treats?

I will never forget the time when you were in third grade.
That was when this son of mine embarked on a homework crusade.

You dramatically changed your ways; your work went from “C’s” to “A’s”
Earning your father-teacher’s praise; good grades had arrived to stay.

Learning to drive was a really big chore as you struggled to brake and shift.
I thought perhaps our life was o’er as you backed us off the cliff.

I will always remember the special day when Regina became your bride.
She is the one for whom we had prayed to be your helpmate and pride.

And now there is news that brings me joy, which sets my heart aflame.
Soon a new baby girl or boy will carry our family name.

There are memories in heart and mind, too numerous for me to write,
But I want to tell you one more time: You are your father’s delight.

Happy Birthday, Son.

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