Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Also My Mate

It’s better we married late in life,
For I was not worthy of you.
I was in need of God’s pruning knife
My selfish will to subdue.

But with the passing years of time
Through pain in body and soul,
I learned to say, “Not my will but Thine”
And yielded to His control.

God gave you grace in refining fire
Through heartache and loss so cruel.
Knowing not what next would transpire
Into His arms you flew.

You immersed yourself in God’s Holy Word
Growing in wisdom and might.
Knowing our Lord would use what occurred
To bring others into the light.

Then one day with my heart on the mend
And my stubborn will now resolved,
You became my very best friend;
My loneliness simply dissolved.

I knew I had found the one I loved
Whose heart I will ever cherish.
Knowing it was given from God above
Never to fade or perish.

This is my 18th valentine, dear,
Since our very first date.
I want to shout out for all to hear,
“My valentine’s also my mate.”

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