Monday, February 28, 2011

The Prodigal Son and the Road to Egypt

The Prodigal was a restless man
Who turned aside from God’s best plan
To walk the road of fleshly pleasure
Squandering his inherited treasure.

He spent freely on all his friends
Until his money came to an end.
By following plans of his own design
He found himself a herder of swine.

Dirty, dusty, hungry and hot,
He realized now that he was not
Living the truths his father taught
But a victim of Satan’s devious plot.

“My father’s servants live better than me.
I will go home a servant to be.
I will seek my father’s favor;
Then as a servant, faithfully labor.

The father in love watched from afar
For His son who followed the wandering star.
He ran to meet him with warm embrace
Extending his love and healing grace.

If you have been down the Egyptian Road
Heed the truth the Scripture has told.
Come bow your head and bend your knee
To the only One who can set you free.

Remember the faithfulness of your God;
Forsake this path upon which you trod.
Return to the One whose love is true;
He will restore the joy you once knew.

Come to the altar of surrender
Admit you are a spiritual pretender.
Today if you hear the Spirit call
Come kneel before God; give Him your all.

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