Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embrace the Joy of Christian Giving

I learned six truths about giving today--
Truths from God’s Word, not what men say;
Truths that teach me how I should live,
And the joy I receive as I learn to give.

I learned to give myself to God first,
My will in His, completely submersed.
I am bought with a price; I’m not my own.
These things I enjoy He’s given on loan

I respond to God with a joyful heart;
No grudging response as I do my part.
My spirit enjoys a renaissance
When giving freely is my response.

Someday soon I will give account
For what I did with the great amount
That God freely gave to meet my need
And also to give as He decreed.

I learned to release what is His anyway,
To bring my offering on the Lord’s Day.
I do not give to hear man’s praise;
I simply desire to live God’s way.

I learned every time I receive my pay
To bring my gift the next Lord’s day.
By giving with order and discipline
It strengthens me and pleases Him.

I learned of God’s Promise to supply.
If the well of my riches ever goes dry,
He will never stand idly by
Forsaking His servant until I die.

God can be trusted to meet all our need.
So don’t be afraid to follow His lead.
If you would find joy in Christian living,
Embrace the grace of Christian giving.

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